Probably the best looking RTX 3090 without the gamer aesthetics. I’ve had no issues so far with the card and its running everything just fine. Pulled about 354 watts of power according to GPU-z. I’ve had only one crash so far but I did just throw in a 5ghz overclock too so the cpu could be unstable. Overall, definitely happy with this one.

Kirstin Everton / Apple

I bought this card to turn an old Dell 9020 Optiplex into a gaming machine/HTPC. I needed a compact form factor design to fit in a mini ATX case that wouldn’t overheat and perform well. The TUF does the job in spades. It’s a very tight fit but it installed without issue, runs relatively cool and isn’t obnoxiously loud. I bought this on discount so I was happy with the price since it fit into the targeted budget. I’ve been impressed with the performance. I’m playing Metro Exodus on Ultra settings in 1080p and getting around 50+ frames per second. For my build I couldn’t be happier. Shipping was prompt so I’m satisfied with Newegg.

Jack Johnson / Google

I think this is the best rtx 3080, I don’t like the 3 pins required but it does pull about 350 watts while being pushed. Also the software for the rgb and fan curves could be better. Other than that you get everything you expect out of this. It’s super quiet and stays pretty cool

Kimberly Mason / Uber